All hula hoops are unique, quality designs and handmade by RoseFire.

How are these hula hoops different from generic toy-store hoops? Added grip tape allows the hula hoops to stick to clothing and the body, so that the hoop is able to stay up with more ease. Additionally, each hoop can be custom sized and made with either 1/2″ or 1″ tubing. Thicker hoops with a wider diameter move more slowly and allow beginners to build their skills. Alternatively, thinner and small diameter hoops move quicker and are better suited for hoopers¬†at the intermediate/advanced level.

Care: Store on a flat surface (e.g. under a bed) and keep out of a hot car in the summer (it can warp out of shape).

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Current Stock:

Pretty Princess Hoop

Recommendation: Intermediate


The Police Box

Recommendation: Intermediate


Disappearing Daydream

Recommendation: Intermediate



Recommendation: Intermediate/Advanced

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