Any of our entertainment options are an excellent addition to renaissance faires, medieval faires, music festivals, community events, parades, or carnivals.

Circus Activity Centres

Activity centres are fun for all ages! Our circus duo, Rumplestiltspin and RoseFire, bring a variety of circus props including hula hoops, juggling equipment, staves (long batons), and other specialty circus props.

We mange small and large groups by creating a safe atmosphere for all ages to enjoy!

Roving Entertainment

Roving entertainers enhance the atmosphere and theme of events. They interact with the audience and provide a memorable talking point as they roam around an event.

Our roving entertainer arrives as a costumed, theatrical character who engages the audience using props, silence, or whimsical flair.


Our performers provide LED/Glow or fire entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. Rumplestiltspin and RoseFire create carefully timed choreography to captivate the crowd. They perform solo and/or as a duo with Hula Hoop, staff, or double staff both in LED/Glow props as well as fire.

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Light of the North Entertainment holds 2 Million Dollar Liability Insurance, which provides coverage for performances (including fire shows), roving, and teaching.